CELLiST Solution Center (CSC)

CELLiST Solution Center (CSC)

CELLiST Solution Center (CSC)是位于Incheon Free Economic Zone我司研究设施,其核心作用是向需要使用我 司培养基的客户提供必要的培养基相关服务。
  • First Contact, Consultation, Media Testing by Customer & Feedback
  • Cell Expansion & Adaptation
  • Media Screening
  • Cell Stock Production & Validation
  • Adapted Cell Stock Shipped to Customer
  • Customer Satisfaction

Making your own media with your cell line by using various media library

  • 1 months
  • 2 months
  • 3,4 months
  • 5,6 months
  • Media
  • Cell Culture
  • Media
  • Analysis and
    Media Fine-tuning
  • Schedule could be changeable according to development status
  • Patent clearance for optimized formulation, manufacturing process development & transfer, determine quality spec, medium stability test, and so on will be carried out separately.

What We Can Offer

  • Customer Support, Consultation & Remote Services

    • Providing of media samples
    • Frequent support & rapid troubleshooting service on all cell culture, media or process issues
    • Comprehensive Spent Media analysis service, including cell viability, IgG titer, full amino acid consumption profile and metabolites analysis
  • Cell Adaptation & Media Screening

    • Comprehensive adaptation procedure optimization @ CSC Lab
    • Media screening (using CELLiST media library as well as any desired formulations by the customer)
    • Cell culture in either shake flasks or Ambr15® microbioreactor system
    • Complete spent media analysis
    • Cell stock production & validation
  • Scale-up Support

    • Close support to our customers through their process development and scale-up stages up to commercial manufacturing
    • Application of quality by design (QbD) concepts and DoE approach for process & media development
    • Scale-up tests in 3L bioreactors (in near future, till then can use nearby facilities)
  • Protein Quality Analysis

    • Accurate, rapid characterization of product CQAs using cutting-edge, high-throughput technology
    • Complete Glycan profiling
    • Charge variants analysis
    • Optimization of media formulation and process parameters for the desired protein quality profile

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