Basal Media

Basal Media

Cell culture media

Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea生产的用于CHO细胞系的CELLiST基础培养基是基于味之素在氨基酸技术方面的强大能力和30多年的细胞培养基业务经验而开发的。 CELLiST培养基是高性能、化学成分明确的培养基,不含任何动物源性成分。

BASAL CHO MX 培养基提供氨基酸和其他营养物质的最佳平衡,以确保细胞充分地生长和工艺效率最大化。BASAL CHO MX培养基是完全化学定义的,不含任何动物来源的成分。

  • 不含胸苷或次黄嘌呤
  • 不含谷氨酰胺
  • 不含碳酸氢钠
  • 含6.2 g/L葡萄糖
  • 含泊洛沙姆


  • 化学定义,无蛋白质,不含任何动物源性成分、水解产物、提取物或其他未定义的成分
  • 适用于包括 CHO-M, CHO-GS, CHO-K1, CHO-S 和 CHO-DG44在内的所有细胞系
  • 适用于任何规模的单次培养,流加培养以及灌流培养
  • 在细胞生长和蛋白质生产中均具有高性能
  • 提供测试样品和批量订单
  • 灵活的应用程序,可轻松替换任何现有的培养基平台
  • 生产工厂符合 cGMP 标准


TYPE Powder
Concentration 23.0g / L
With Additives D-Glucose · Poloxamer
Without Additives L-Glutamine · Sodium hydrogen carbonate · Thymidine Hypoxanthine · Insulin and other growth factors
Storage Condition 2℃ to 8℃, dark and dry
Shelf Life 24 months

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Below are cell culture performance results for CELLiST BASAL CHO MX Medium and several other commer- cially-available media. The fed-batch process was performed using ambr15.

Cell Growth

Figure 1. Viable cell density profiles during 14 days of culture.

Protein Production

Figure 2. IgG titer profile. IgG concentration was measured by Cedex Bio HT.


As can be seen below, CELLiST BASAL CHO MX Medium is suitable for use from small-scale to larger scale 200L bioreactors.

Figure 3. Viable cell density and IgG titer profiles. 3 kinds of bioreactor were used, which are ambr15, 3L bench-top reactor, and 200L bioreactor.

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